How to Get Pre-Approved for a Capital One Credit Card

If you have received a pre-approval letter from Capital One, it simply indicates that you meet the bank’s requirements for approval and that you have a good chance of being approved for the credit card offers you have received.

Card issuers obtain this information by collaborating with credit bureaus to review your credit reports or by establishing a specific requirement, such as a minimum credit score, and requesting a list of consumers who meet the requirement from the bureaus. Reservation Number and Access Code

If you’re interested in applying for one of the bank’s credit cards and want to know if you’re pre-approved, here’s everything you need to know about Capital One pre approval.

Get My Offer CapitalOne Credit Card Pre Approval

The Capital One card can be pre-approved online. The whole thing shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You might also get a pre-approved loan offer in the mail.

Keep in mind that the Capital One pre-approval tool is not specific to the Capital One Card. This means that it will show you all the eligible Capital One credit cards for which you are likely to be approved.

The results are based on a simple look at your credit history. This review will lead to a “soft inquiry,” which won’t hurt your credit score.

Apply for CapitalOne Card You Want for Instant Approval Decision

If you want a clear yes or no answer from the card issuer right away, choose the credit card offer you want and apply for it directly. Here are the best Capital One deals that our experts have found.

All of these cards will let you know right away if you are approved. Just click the “Apply Now” button to go to the official credit application for a card.

Capital One Cards for Good to Excellent Credit (670-850 Credit Score)

A good or excellent credit score qualifies you for the best rewards and interest rates – this is how banks choose to reward borrowers who have demonstrated their ability to manage credit well.

How to Get a Capital One Credit Card Preapproval

Capital One does not currently offer preapproved offers through CardMatchTM, our useful tool for determining which credit cards you are prequalified for with most major credit card issuers. Still, if you want to get pre-approved for a credit card, you have a few choices:

Prequalify at Capital One’s website.

The issuer’s website is the best place to start looking for prequalified Capital One offers. Simply provide your contact information, employment, income, and Social Security number, and the bank will generate offers for you.

If you meet the requirements for a Capital One credit card and want to proceed, you can answer a few more questions to formally apply for the card. Checking for prequalified offers on the Capital One website does not trigger a hard pull to your credit (although proceeding through the full application will).

How to check for Capital One Quicksilver pre-approval?

  1. First, go to Capital One’s pre-approval web page –
  2. Select the type of card that appeals to you: rewards (select at least this option for the Capital One card), low interest, or you can just skip the question.
  3. Fill out the form with the required personal information (such as contact information, SSN, types of bank accounts in your name, employment status, annual income, and rent/mortgage payments).
  4. Check the boxes to confirm that you have read and understood the Electronic Communications Disclosure and that you are not submitting a credit card application.
  5. Click “See if I’m Pre-Approved”.

Other ways to prequalify for Capital One cards

Capital One may target you with a prequalified credit card offer in some cases. Credit card offers by mail are still available, though they are less common than they once were. If you’re looking for a Capital One card, scan any mailers you might normally throw away for any prequalified offers.

You can also inquire about preapproved Capital One card offers in person at a Capital One branch. Just make sure to confirm that the request will only necessitate a soft pull on your credit.

Why should you prequalify with Capital One before applying?

Prequalifying is all about safeguarding your credit score against unnecessary hard inquiries, which can result in a minor hit to your credit score. Remember that just because you’ve been preapproved for a Capital One credit card – or any card – doesn’t mean you’ll be approved. However, by prequalifying, you can feel a little better about facing a hard inquiry because your chances of approval are higher.

If, on the other hand, a card issuer does not prequalify you for a credit card, it could mean that they discovered a problem with your credit report. Resist the urge to apply for another credit card right away, and instead consider taking some time to improve your credit score. Getting copies of your credit reports at is an excellent place to start. Examine each line of your credit reports for errors or fraudulent information, and file a dispute with the major credit bureaus if you find any.

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