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Getmyoffers is a web portal that provides users with pre-approved promotion offers for their credit cards with access to an online community.

Users will not be able to access the Getmyoffers portal until they have received both their reservation number and their access code in the mail.

The Getmyoffers portal is accessible only to users who have previously applied for or received offers for a Capital One credit card. One of the requirements for users is that they must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the United States. Reservation Number and Access Code

What information Require When I Try to Apply for a Capital One® Credit Card?

During the application process for the credit card, you will be required to provide your personal information. You are required to provide:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your social security number
  3. Your Date of birth
  4. Your physical address including the P.O boxes number
  5. Your gross annual income as estimated
  6. Information about your savings or checking account

Is it possible to add my acquaintance’s authorised user to the card?

Absolutely. After logging in, you can manually add a user. You may also call the number printed on the back of the credit card. You must be both the primary and secondary cardholder to add a user. You must be the attorney-in-fact. Otherwise, you must become the account manager for a small business.

You must remember that you can only add a user after receiving approval. You are unable to do so during the application process. Although there is no option for co-applicants at this time, once your account has been approved, you can add any authorised users.

How to Check the status of a credit card application?

If you submit your application through the online platform on your phone, you might receive a response within a few minute. There are certain exceptional circumstances in which we are required to additionally gather some additional information prior to making a decision.

You can also check the status by calling 1-800-903-9177 anytime. You will be notified of our verdict within seven to ten days after making the application.

How are my payments applied?

When we make a payment, we usually apply it first to the balance with the lowest interest rate. After that, payments are credited to the accounts with the highest annual percentage rates. Your payment will be applied to the debt with the highest APR first, then to the balance with the lowest APR.

When will I get my CapitalOne credit card?

When your application for a Capital One credit card is approved, you can get the card. You will get the card, information about your credit limit, and welcome materials in the mail. Once you are approved, these will be sent to you within 7–10 business days. But if you’ve applied for a Mastercard, your card won’t be sent until you pay the deposit in full and clear all your debts. After you pay, your card will arrive within seven to ten business days.

What happens if my request is denied and my secure letter is not accessible online?

It is possible that your credit card application will be denied. You should anticipate an online announcement. We regret that we cannot accept your application but would like to explain why. If you are unable to view the enclosed secure letter, which contains important additional information, please contact us at 1-800-903-9177. On request, the paper copy will be mailed to you.

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